10AM - 11AM

Welcome Intro

11AM - 12PM

#FAB028  Dryden Goodwin (UK)
“Seeing Hand”

12PM - 1PM

#FAB307 Jonathan Harris (USA)
“From Data to Wisdom”

1PM - 2PM

#FAB313 Andrea Santamarina (ES)
“Design, Art & Gastronomy”

3PM - 4PM

#FAB119 Gabriela Gomez-Mont (MX)
“Imagination  Is Not a Luxury”

4PM - 5PM

#FAB138 Nico Vascellari (IT)
“"With Love From Talamini"”

5PM - 6PM

#FAB472 Laia Abril (ES)
“History of Misogyny”

6PM - 7PM

#FAB210 Pieter Hugo (ZA)
“Beauty and Asymmetry”

7PM - 8PM

#FAB070 Jaime Hayon (ES)
“I Am Not an  Alien But I Have  a 3rd Eye”

8PM - 8:20PM

#FAB668 Marina Marques (IT)
“Subliminal Encounters”


3PM - 4PM

#FAB Elana Sasson (US)

4PM - 4:40PM

#FAB338 Dico Fone ( IT) & Giulia Canala (IT) Live
Visuals by 
#FAB339 Gregor Kuschmirz (DE)

4:55PM - 5:55 PM

#FAB792 Tran Uy Duc (VN) Live
Visual by 
#FAB751 Ashley Tofu (IT)

6PM - 7PM

#FAB630 M (USA) Live

7PM - 8PM

#FAB733 Ava Rasti (IR) Live
Visuals by 
#FAB753 Alexander Gabriel (IT)

8PM - 9PM

#FAB222 OY & Joy Frempong (CH) Live

9PM - 10PM

#FAB138 Nico Vascellari (IT) 
& #FAB082 Carlos Casas (ES) Live

10PM - 10:20PM

#FAB350 Hansi Raber (AT) Live Performance

10:20PM - 11:45PM

#FAB175 Bottin (IT) Dj Set

11:45PM - 1AM

#FAB736 Josef Paul (AT) Dj Set


6PM - 6:40PM

#FAB745  Pheobe Riley Law (UK)
sour bay & vigeland
( live composition and field recordings)

6:40PM - 8PM

#FAB744 Nabila Ernada (ID)  Dj Set

8:40PM - 10PM

#FAB163 Adam Lieber (ZA)Dj Set

10PM - 12PM

#FAB170 John Borno (NL) Dj Set




11:00AM - 12AM

#FAB269 Namiko Kitaura (JP)
“My labyrinth”

Creative photographic dialog for kids
Duration 45 min - 60 min
Group of 10-15 max
- Choose one keyword that you want to express today (5 min)
- Go and take some pictures outside or inside around Fabrica (20 min)
- Build your labyrinth or castle using paper cups / plates (10 min)
- Decorate it with your pictures and colors (10 min)

12PM - 1:30PM

#FAB686 Jonathan Bocca (IT)
“Interpretare L’inquieto”

The workshop aims to teach people to look at their everyday objects with fresh and creative eyes. 

From 12PM to 1:30PM
Lounge Area

Max. 15 people

2PM - 3PM

#FAB745 Pheobe Riley Law (UK)
#FAB743 Melissa Berney (UK)
#FAB741 Lily McCraith (UK)
“Sound Field Recording”

Broadcast ecologies
A listening and field recording workshop. Gathering sounds for a (speculative) Fabrica radio episode 1

3PM - 5PM

#FAB Nikola Tosic
“Open Design Revolution”

“Ask us what to do, what to design”

A workshop that explores the possibilities of collaborative design.

5PM - 7PM

#FAB765 Davide Balda (IT)

A workshop for realizing textile substrate and mulching starting from discarded clothes.
 The delivery of the Tecnosuolo kit is included.

Participants will first experiment with textile fiber as a plant substrate inside the lounge or near the installation of the small house and then as mulch, covering a portion of the ground in the bamboo area within the Fabrica garden.


5PM - 7PM

#FAB028 Dryden Goodwin (UK)
“Drawing Breath”

Drawing Breath - will be an exploration of breathing through drawing and of drawing through breathing...

Participants are invited to work with artist Dryden Goodwin

Using drawing to look closely at the exchange of breath between our bodies and the environments we live in - how air can both sustain us but also damage us. Related to the struggle for clean air world wide - considering individual but also collective breath. Using drawing to explore and express different types of breathing and sensations - both observing others in different states as well as decoding the experience and processes within our own bodies.

The workshop relates to Dryden Goodwin's on-going project Breathe, shown extensively across London and the UK, and will have its first international showing at the 3rd Lahore Biennale in October 2024.

Clik HERE to book your participation in the #Fabrica30 workshops!


10AM - 10:30AM

Curatorial Statement by #FAB779 Vivek Jain

10:30AM - 10:45AM

#FAB351 Carlo Zoratti (IT)
#FAB257 Sergi Sanchez (ES) (short film) 
“Wooden Mirror”

10:45AM - 11:20AM

#FAB609 Lorena Alvarado (ES)
“Los capítulos perdidos”
(Excerpt Preview)

11:30AM - 12:00PM

#FAB224 Saodat Ismailova (UZ)
“18,000 Worlds”

12:15PM - 1:45PM

#FAB028 Dryden Goodwin (UK)
Unseen: The Lives of Looking

2PM - 3:15PM

#FAB307 Jonathan Harris (USA)
“In Fragments”

3:30PM - 5:30PM

#FAB430 Valerie Blankenbyl (AT)
“The Bubble”

5:45PM - 6:00PM

#FAB560 Tomás Pichardo Espaillat (DO)
“Linea Confin” | “Floating Islands” | “AstroLunar” | “Cumbia De Piedra” | “Aesterico”

6:00PM - 6:30PM

#FAB741 Lily McCraith (UK)
“Becoming-with Proteus”
#FAB761 Mina Lee (KR)
“You are Beautiful as a bug”
#FAB800 Brecht De Cock (BE)
“artifacts of you, artifacts of me.”

6:30PM - 6:45PM

#FAB138 Nico Vascellari (IT)
“VIT (Visita Interiora Terrae)”

6:45PM - 7:20PM

#FAB017 Bill Morrison (USA)

7:30PM - 8:45PM

#FAB190 Brian M Cassidy (USA)
#FAB Melanie Shatzky (CA)


8:45PM - 9:15PM

#FAB154 Sasha Huber (CH)(HAT)
#FAB152 Petri Saarikko (FL)
“Black Lives Matter” | “Tlingit Glacier & Lakes – A reparative intervention”

9:15PM - 10:15PM

#FAB459 Alka Sadat (AF)
“Afghanistan Night Stories”

10:15PM - 11:45PM

#FAB508 Chelsea McMullan (CAN)
“Ever Deadly”

Midnight Screening

#FAB055 Michal Kosakowski (PL)
“Zero Killed”


#FAB781 Aindriú Ó Deasún (IE)
#FAB782 Alberto Allegretti (IT)
#FAB783 Annalise Kamegawa (US)
#FAB784 Clara Mannott (DE)
#FAB785 Frederik Marks (DE)
#FAB786 Jeure Tavare (DR)
#FAB787 Juul Van Der Zandt (NL)
#FAB788 Maya Hayda (US)
#FAB789 Mitoshka Alkova (BG)
#FAB790 Iya Mistry (UK)
#FAB791 Tatiana Egoshina (RU)
#FAB792 Uy Duc Tran (VN)
#FAB793 Zumrad Mirzalieva (UZB)
#FAB772 Joe Habben (UK)
#FAB779 Vivek Jain (IN)
#FAB776 Maximilian Bufardeci (AUS)


#FAB400 Bradley Hasse (USA)
#FAB715 Jordan Guy-Mozenter (USA)
#FAB Federico Gutierrez Schott (MX)
#FAB095 Namiko Kitaura (JP)
#FAB782 Alberto Allegretti (IT)
#FAB668 Marina Marques (ES)
#FAB596 Coralie Gouguechon (FR)
#FAB163 Adam Lieber (UK)
#FAB133 Akira Fujimoto (JP)
#FAB450 Christopher Knowles (USA)
#FAB183 Marco Callegari (IT)
#FAB754 Borja Rodríguez Gimeno (ES)
#FAB461 André Bose do Amaral (DE/BR)
#FAB681 Alexandra Vogel (RO)
#FABCo Charlotte Knowles (UK)
#FAB719 Thomas Heath (UK)
#FAB263 Florian Toperngpong (DE)
#FAB753 Alexander Gabriel (IT)
#FAB716 Avani Vidhani (IN)
#FAB772 Joe Habben (UK)
#FAB137 Fernando Zuber (AR)
#FAB745 Pheobe Riley Law (UK)
#FAB743 Melissa Berney (UK)
#FAB741 Lily McCraith (UK)
#FAV778 Sevilâ Nariman-Qizi
#FAB769 Dora Ramljak
#FAB Victoria Ohanyan (AM)

#FAB673 Francesco Ninno 
(Screening in Seminar) (IT)


#FAB715 El Hajoui Mohammed (MA) “Ardna”

#FAB765 Davide Balda (IT)

#FAB759 Lucas Variz (BR)

#FAB780 Yirui Fang (CN)
“The Sun Still Rises”

Fabrica  Community Garden
For Maurizio Nardin



PT Catering - burgers, tacos, hot dogs, muffins, donuts and good beer served in a vintage Airstream

Le Papere Itineranti - traditional Venetian dishes

La Bottega del Gelato - artisanal ice cream since 1989


Dante Negro - brand specialized in the design and artisanal production of outdoor furniture and wrought iron architectural structures.

Big car park

Animals are welcome as long as they are kept on a leash

Bookshop in collaboration with Librerie Lovat

Pop up shop Codalunga

Kids area Ponzano Children

Community Garden Piccolo Seeds

Thanks to Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche

With the patronage of the Municipality of Villorba


Fabrica, Via Postioma, 54/F, Catena di Villorba (TV) – Italy